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Overview of Chi Thai
ChiThai Clothing is a fair-trade and sustainable clothing brand that sources production from factories that employ legal working-age workers, utilize recycled fiber fabric and eco-friendly processing (that minimizes water use and non-toxic dyes). Based in the Durham Region of Ontario, Canada, ChiThai is capitalizing on the opportunity of the slow-fashion movement, which serves to counter the fast-fashion movement, which implies a slower production, implements sustainability and ethics, and ultimately invites consumers to invest in well-made and lasting clothes. ChiThai specifically distinguishes itself as an ethical and sustainable brand that allows customers to track the journey of their piece of clothing from the plant to the clothing that they wear; addressing a growing awareness of sustainable fashion. ChiThai emphasizes the technological trends surrounding ethical fashion which have involved the use of digital ID technologies, which enables tracing of identities for every product — enabling transparency from raw materials to end products and beyond. In doing so, this offers consumers the highest standards of visibility, safety, education and authenticity possible, while giving businesses complete control over their supply chains.

The brand name's trademark will serve as ChiThai’s brand asset for immediate identification of the brand as sustainable fashion among competitors and consumers alike.
Unique Value Proposition of Chi Thai
A sustainable fashion startup, we specialize in helping to reduce the carbon footprint and improve social impact for consumers. Using QR of IOT technology, consumers can trace every product back to its original factory location, working conditions, materials and environmental impact
Chi Thai’s Uniqueness and Identity
Uniqueness of ChiThai
-- Sustainable Fashion with IOT
Identity of ChiThai
-- Traceability -- Transparency – Technology
Chi ThaiTrust What You Wear
ChiThai supports production of eco-friendly sustainable apparel for environmentally conscious consumers. They will identify the origins of their clothing item, fabric material, factory location, working condition and minimum age of workers.
Chi Thai’s Product Features
ChiThai not only promotes sustainable clothing, but it allows consumers to view the origins, manufacturing details, material composition by integrating a unique IOT technology in the form of a QR code, which is sewn into the garment.
By using recycled raw materials, ChiThai products saves costs in the following areas, benefiting the environment and sustainability.